Cavs-Hawks and stuff

Still sick… no big recap.

Maybe I’m hallucinating due to my three digit temperature, but by going on the game I just witnessed, I would fire Mike Brown immediately. I’d at least give him a lukewarm vote of confidence. He should’ve had at least one technical foul tonight, if not two. He took too long to bench his starters in the third quarter, which is basically what lost the game.

At this point, Larry Hughes should have a 6 shot plan. He has to make 3 of his first 6 shots in order to shoot more. This means if he starts 0-4 or 1-5 he’s not allowed to hoist another shot. He was completely useless on both ends of the floor tonight.


Be honest, which extension relieved you more: Romeo Crennel’s or Chud’s?


Why aren’t we on D.Wade watch? If the Cavaliers had problems anywhere near those of the Heat, we’d be on LeBron watch constantly (and “we’d” be on it, because ESPN would be shoving it down our throats). Not that this is anything you don’t already know, but it’s quite absurd that we never hear any speculation that Wade might leave. I mean, shouldn’t the Heat worry about keeping him happy? Hello? Anyone?

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