I’ve been sick with a cold of some sort, so no Cavs write up. I watched the game and I liked the fact that they actually put away a bad team. That was nice.

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5 Responses to Cavs-Sonics

  1. Erik says:

    All I can say is that for all the (albeit justified) hardball Danny Ferry played with Andy during his holdout, he’d better be prepared to pony up some green to keep him next year — and hope that Andy still will consider re-signing here.

    LeBron has done most of the heavy lifting during this recent surge, but I think the return of Andy has allowed the bench pieces to fall into place, and has really allowed Mike Brown to finally set a rotation.

    Whether Larry Hughes likes playing PG or not, this team is at its best with a starting lineup of he, Sasha, LBJ, Drew and Z. That allows Boobie, Andy and Devin Brown to spearhead this kind of newfound “energy unit” that comes off the bench.

    Andy is the prototypical bench player, in my opinion. How many times does he keep possessions alive by refusing to give up on the ball even when the other team has their hands on it? Then he draws charges at the other end, killing possessions for the other team.

    If he were a college football recruit, Jim Tressel would be at the front of the line because Andy lets you play, more or less, a field position game.

    Suddenly, with all of the pieces in place, the Cavs are starting to look like a team that just might mount a serious threat to defend their conference title, even against Detroit and Boston.

  2. graham says:

    AV still isn’t worth $10 million a year. Nonetheless, I see year point. He’s helped the team out quite a bit since his return.

  3. Ben says:

    Mike Brown had been bugging me more and more. Yesterday Pavlovic played a solid first six minutes, but Brown took him out to bring in Boobie, while leaving in Hughes (who had played awful. Shit like that bugs the hell out of me.

    He does the same thing to Z and Gooden, no matter how well they’re doing, he’ll sub in Andy because of the clock, rather than game production.

    He made a statement that he’s not rewarding Damon Jones for his solid play in Toronto by giving him more minutes…

    umm…. why not reward him for playing well?

    The Jones-Gibson backcourt isn’t solid defensively, but it opens up the offense quite effectively (imagine if they had a starting backcourt that could do that). When there’s two shooters out there James is lethal(I bet Brown can’t wait to have Marshall back, so we can see a Jones-Gibson-James-Marshall-Varejao unit).

    Andy has played well, I’ll give him that. I think his best (and most underrated) asset is his hands. He catches everything James throws his way… Gooden has stone hands. That may be enough of a difference for me.

  4. Erik says:

    Pretty much every NBA coach subs based on the clock because if he doesn’t, players start bitching about a lack of consistency.

    Unfortunately, routine usually wins out over merit. Players want set rotations and to know when they’re coming in to the game.

    On a related note, does anyone agree with John Hollinger’s assessment that the Cavs can’t advance past the second round without another three-point sniper? Is that really their biggest need? For years, I’ve been hearing it’s a lack of a true PG. Now I’m being told differently.

  5. Ben says:

    the thing is, they need a 3 point shooter… who can defend big guards.

    Over the last few games, the offense has worked much more fluidly when Jones and Gibson are on the court. Right now, neither Pavlovic or Hughes can consistently make baskets. Their defense (when its there) doesn’t make up for their 28% shooting.

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