Cavs-Hawks and stuff

Still sick… no big recap.

Maybe I’m hallucinating due to my three digit temperature, but by going on the game I just witnessed, I would fire Mike Brown immediately. I’d at least give him a lukewarm vote of confidence. He should’ve had at least one technical foul tonight, if not two. He took too long to bench his starters in the third quarter, which is basically what lost the game.

At this point, Larry Hughes should have a 6 shot plan. He has to make 3 of his first 6 shots in order to shoot more. This means if he starts 0-4 or 1-5 he’s not allowed to hoist another shot. He was completely useless on both ends of the floor tonight.


Be honest, which extension relieved you more: Romeo Crennel’s or Chud’s?


Why aren’t we on D.Wade watch? If the Cavaliers had problems anywhere near those of the Heat, we’d be on LeBron watch constantly (and “we’d” be on it, because ESPN would be shoving it down our throats). Not that this is anything you don’t already know, but it’s quite absurd that we never hear any speculation that Wade might leave. I mean, shouldn’t the Heat worry about keeping him happy? Hello? Anyone?

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4 Responses to Cavs-Hawks and stuff

  1. Erik says:

    We’re not on D-Wade Watch because:

    A) Wade still plays with the Shaq Daddy, whom every sycophant media member still wants to believe will get it together any day now.

    B) Wade plays in Miami, where you can get a suntan in January and party your nights away on South Beach — not like LeBron, who plays in cold, nasty, boring, ugly and, above all unmarketable, Cleveland.

    So, as you can see, there is no way on Earth D-Wade would EVER have a need to leave Miami. Not even if the Heat churned out 50-loss seasons the way the Hostess factory churns out Twinkies. LeBron, on the other hand, must be smoking something to have stayed in piss-stain Cleveland for even this long. Right, ESPN?

  2. graham says:

    I wouldn’t be suprised at all if Wade left, because they didn’t really build for the future (his future), instead looking to win that title early with Shaq, which they obviously did.

    Cavs could be running into the same problems here soon if Ferry doesn’t perform well as a GM. Cavs need to win and upgrading in a few positions like SG, PG, and in the backcourt (Z doesn’t have too much left, and could be done before we know it), yet it also has to build for the long-term.

    I think both franchises are in for a tough task to be honest, but the Cavs have more to lose. On the other hand, Cleveland is fortunate LeBron can carry a team a long way by himself, something I can’t say is the case with Wade.

  3. Ben says:

    the thing is, over the next two years, all of the Cavs bad contracts start becoming trade bait.

    they’re going to have a TON of expiring deals (roughly $30 million each of the next two years) to play with (equaling trades next season or capspace the following offseason).

    The Cavs will have one more push with LeBron. The Heat don’t have the same luxury (at least not as much).

  4. The Other Ben is Angry says:

    Dear Larry and Sasha,

    Its a sorry excuse of man hours and money hoisting up as many bad shots as you do. Instead of ruining the Cavs season and taking away valuable minutes from players such as Boobie, Devin, and Damon, how about you lay some bricks for the folks that really need it.


    City of New Orleans

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