Site Maintenance

Been meaning to revamp the links section for awhile now, but didn’t have the time… time which I currently have…

Anyways, I took out the dead links and added (in alphabetical order) Cleveland Curse, Cleveland Sports Authority, Cleveland Sports Perspective, Hardaway Hates Pittsburgh, Hey Larry Hughes, The Nosebleeds and Vegas Watch. I also fixed the link to Cavalier Attitude.

In other news, I’ve been working on a ‘Best of 2007’ music post, but it keeps getting pushed back. At this point I may just scrap it for a list. I dunno. Also, I had hoped to get back to doing my ‘Weekend Thoughts’ posts on a regular basis over break, but that didn’t happen.

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1 Response to Site Maintenance

  1. TheNaturalMevs says:

    Thanks for the link my friend. I can see you’re a Cleveland fan. A cleveland fan is a friend of mine.

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