Back from NYC

I see Larry Hughes has been non-awful, LeBron’s missed some layups and the two holdouts have gotten themselves hurt. Interesting…

As for New York, well, it was awesome. I caught the Knicks-Sixers game on Friday (as did Robert Plant) which was as glorious as one could hope. Madison Square Garden was pretty sweet, good view from the upper levels. However, the beer was served in plastic cups (not weird) with plastic tops (weird) and people used straws to drink it (very weird). However, if you’ve ever wondered if drinking Coors Light through a straw would make it better… let me assure you that it does not.

One of highlights of the trip (that I can mention here) was The Farnsworth Invention. The Farnsworth Invention is a Broadway play about the invention of the television and is written by Aaron Sorkin and stars Hank Azaria and Jimmi Simpson. As with most things by Sorkin, I loved it. Azaria was awesome, as to be expected (during intermission, my buddy mentioned that he was using a voice similar to Moe, after which I couldn’t stop thinking about) and Simpson was
surprisingly good. I only know Simpson from his work as one of the McPoyle brothers (fork stab!) on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and we came away quite impressed with his acting chops. Anyways, if you’re in NYC anytime soon, I highly recommend catching The Farnsworth Invention.

Anyways, I’m back and hopefully will have some kind of Cleveland sports related post at sometime tomorrow.

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