"Yeah… It’s that easy"

That’s a strong a statement as James has ever made… about anything.

I still don’t see how this gets done.

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3 Responses to "Yeah… It’s that easy"

  1. Erik says:

    If that’s how LeBron feels, maybe Ferry should trade for Kidd at all costs. That way, if it backfires, LeBron is the one with egg on his face.

    If you’re Ferry, you’re now off the hook with regard to public opinion should you trade for Kidd.

    If the Cavs win a title with LeBron and Kidd, Ferry looks like a genius. If the Cavs don’t, he can just say “LeBron assured me that Jason was the piece he needed to win us a championship. What was I going to do, deny him that and risk him leaving in a couple of years?”

    Any way you slice it, now if the Cavs acquire Kidd, all the pressure would be on he and LeBron to deliver. I still think it’s very risky, but now I’m almost intrigued to see what would happen if the Cavs traded for Kidd, now that LeBron has guaranteed a title with he and Kidd.

    If nothing else, LeBron would be under pressure to play his ass off every night.

  2. Ben says:

    If the Cavs can’t get rid of Hughes in the deal, this would mean that they’d have a ridiculous defense, but their fourth quarter offense may not look that great.

    With Hughes and Kidd patrolling the wing, what’s to stop teams from triple teaming LeBron and forcing them to make jumpers?

    That being said, with Kidd in the fold, I can only imagine what LeBron’s numbers would look like…

  3. graham says:

    Kidd could at least create for everybody, unlike Hughes. Hughes’s problem is he isn’t good at anything.

    I think Ferry does everything in his power to get this done, but its still unlikely he has the pieces to work a deal.

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