Seriously, WTF

This whole Shaq to Phoenix thing is blowing my mind. I don’t see how this helps the Suns at all. Unless they’re going to bring Shaq in and tell him to block shots and throw outlet passes all day.

And the worst part is (for my sanity), Cleveland fans are just going to get more frustrated that Danny Ferry is “sitting on his hands” and not getting any deals done. I mean, if someone knows how to get Rod Thorn to take Larry Hughes for Jason Kidd, please call the Cavs offices, I’m sure they’d love to hear this (sorry, I had the radio shows on last night coming home from the game, and God damn Cleveland fans can piss me off. The team is 15-4 since Christmas, they’re beating good teams, they made the Finals last year and you want to blow things up?).

Anyways, with Gasol and Shaq being traded, we could start seeing more (big name) player movement, with teams trying to keep up… Kidd, Bibby, Artest… the entire Knicks squad…

However, I still favor the Cavs staying patient. If they play their cards right, in two years (when LeBron can walk) they could own the Eastern Conference for years to come (meaning he wouldn’t walk). I mean, Boston basically has a 3-year window and the Pistons’ run will end soon. The Cavs could hit LeBron’s prime with clear run to the Finals year in, year out. The Cavs goal isn’t to be dominant now, it’s to be dominant in a year or so.

(That being said, if you wanna trade Pavlovic and change for Mike Miller, I’m all for it).

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