Cavs could’ve had Marion last summer?

From Chad Ford’s chat (insider):

Nick (New, York): With Lebron James telling everybody who will listen he wants a trade to happen do you think his teammates will quit on him? The cavs do have one of the best records since Jan 1 so maybe he should just play and “dissing” his teammates!

Chad Ford: The Cavs are doing well in a bad conference. I still think they’re not in the same league as this year’s Celtics or Pistons and I think everyone in Cleveland knows that too. The problem is that they really don’t have the assets they need to pull off a big trade. Their best bet is to try to pawn off their $6.5 million in expiring contracts and perhaps Drew Gooden for a good player. But I’m not sure it will be enough. They need another star. Too bad they balked at a deal this summer that would’ve sent Gooden, Varejao (in a sign-and-trade) and some of their expiring contracts to Phoenix for Marion.

A week ago, I would’ve said “I doubt the Suns would’ve traded Marion for two power forwards” but they just traded him for a 36 year old Shaq (owed $40 million over the next two years!) so who knows…

That being, I’d have done the trade, even with losing both PFs (it’d have been a risk losing both guys AND Marion wants to be The Man- I mean, if Marion can’t be happy with Nash, why would he be with LeBron). But James and Marion on the same team… damn, that’d be a matchup nightmare.

(And honestly, the playoffs don’t worry me at all. The Celtics are old AND unproven and if the Cavs and the Pistons met in the playoffs, what possible reason could there be to pick Detroit)?

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