None of this helps

Couple problems. First, after the Rookie-Sophomore game on TNT, LeBron reiterated his desire for the Cavs to make a move:

Like I’ve said before, LeBron can make it known that he wants the Cavs to make a deal, but that doesn’t mean that the Cavs pieces are any more attractive to rival GMs. “What? LeBron wants to make a move. Well, I wasn’t going to take Donyell Marshall’s fat ass, but now that LeBron went on TNT, sign me up!”

I also liked how he referenced Kobe going to the media and later ending up with Pau Gasol. The thing is, the Lakers didn’t do what Kobe asked them to do. Kobe wanted them to trade Andrew Bynum and then requested that he be dealt. I don’t know if LeBron noticed, but neither of those things happened. They ignored Kobe, kept Bynum and tried to improve the team in other ways. Making a move to placate a player is not a good basketball decision.

Every time James opens his mouth to the media, he ultimately makes it harder and harder for Ferry to pull off a good deal. Ferry doesn’t have a lot of pieces to begin with and now that GMs know that he has to pull the trigger to keep LBJ happy, they’ll be able to tighten the screws. It’s not like the guy was dealing from a position of strength to begin with.

Oh, and the second problem? Mike Bibby just got traded for (expiring) garbage:

The Kings have reached an agreement in principle to send veteran guard Mike Bibby to the Atlanta Hawks for guards Anthony Johnson and Tyronn Lue and forwards Lorenzen Wright and Shelden Williams, sources told The Bee on Saturday.

In case you were wondering (and I know I was), here are the contracts for some of these players:

Anthony Johnson – final year – $2,860,000
Tyronn Lue – final year – $3,500,000
Lorenzen Wright – final year – $3,240,000

That’s $9.6 million coming off the books after this year. The Cavs can offer only $5.6 million in expiring deals (Ira Newble and both Shannon and Devin Brown), so I’m not really surprised that the Cavs couldn’t beat that.

Neither development is going to make Danny Ferry’s life less stressful.

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