More Rumors


According to several league sources, the Cavs are involved in discussions with a handful of teams. They have looked into acquiring point guard Andre Miller of the Philadelphia 76ers and shooting guard Mike Miller of the Memphis Grizzlies, among others. But neither is assured of being traded and if the Cavs get into bidding wars with other teams, they are not in a good position because they don’t have very attractive trade assets.

Medina County Gazette:

There’s a good chance the trade deadline will come and go without the Cavaliers doing anything, but a couple guys to keep an eye on are Seattle’s Delonte West, who is stuck behind Earl Watson and Luke Ridnour, and Portland’s Jarrett Jack. Both are point guards on teams who don’t want a ton in return, which could make them attractive to Cavaliers GM Danny Ferry.

Either Miller would be awesome. I’d like Delonte West or Jarrett Jack, but I wonder if they can be had without giving up a first round draft pick.

I didn’t see this little nugget yesterday from Chad Ford:

With Bucks GM Larry Harris in trouble, no one’s sure whether owner Herb Kohl will let him make a deal. If the Bucks are active, don’t be surprised if the player moved is Michael Redd. He has a ton of talent, but the three years and $34 million left on his contract are a concern for Milwaukee — and for potential trade partners as well.

Yes please.

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2 Responses to More Rumors

  1. Erik says:

    With Kidd and Bibby traded, I’d honestly rather focus on getting another veteran shooter. Im my opinion, a playmaking PG would be nice, but what is really going to make the Cavs’ offense gain another dimension is if there are at least two deadeye shooters parked on the perimeter to take LeBron’s kickout passes and drill threes.

    Having Mike Miller or Michael Redd positioned on one side of the arc with Boobie on the other could create a pick-your-poison dilemma for the other team. It would also give LeBron’s assist total a nice boost — or just let him freight-train it to the hole, which he can also do very well. Isn’t that right, Dirk?

  2. Ben says:

    I don’t think the Cavs need a point guard in the way people think they do. They need a point guard who can (A) shoot the ball and (B) defend opposing point guards. Could they use a guy who can set up the offense and allow LeBron roam? Sure they do. But if that player can’t do (A) and (B), then I don’t think he’s worth the trouble.

    Crunch time with Boobie and Redd on the wings…. ya, that’d be nice.

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