No Recap Tonight Part II

Had class late and I’m now watching Lakers-Suns… I’ll have something up before noon Thursday.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with rumor from Brian Windhorst:

Folks, I have not watched a second of the first half as I pursue some hot trade rumors with the Cavs. They are being very active and are in talks over a blockbuster that has not been reported yet. It does not involve Mike Miller. More to come later.

My guesses, in order of most likely:

Michael Redd (plus bad contracts)
Vince Carter
Ron Artest

Update: 11:00 PM –

–So this will surely disappoint some of you and also anger some of you, but I cannot yet say what player the Cavs are considering making a deal for. I have to protect sources. But I can tell you that I have talked to two different people in different organizations that have confirmed the talks are serious. I know you want more, but I just can’t give it to you at this point. I am not trying to build up ratings here, I am reporting what I can report. Just know that Danny Ferry is serious about trying to upgrade the roster. Whether or not it gets done though is up in the air. It’s 50/50 at best.
Here is what I can tell you, it is a trade that would change the dynamic somewhat of how the Cavs play but not directly affect the way LeBron James plays. Also, if this deal goes through, it would potentially allow the Cavs to make another deal.
Also, the Cavs are trying to get a first-round pick as part of the deal. Which is a sticking point, the other team doesn’t want to give it up. Perhaps this is because they are thinking of trading their first round pick this year or next year as part of another deal.
–After the game, the Cavs locker room was buzzing about the deadline. There are players who have heard their names in rumors and are convinced they are being traded. Some players even were half-jokingly saying goodbye to one another. Others weren’t paying attention. But make no mistake, there is a strong belief in the Cavs locker room that they are going to do something. Maybe nothing will happen. A year ago on this night I was writing about how Danny was beating down the doors trying to get Mike Bibby and it didn’t happen. I am just trying to do my job.
More on the game a little later

God damn it.

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1 Response to No Recap Tonight Part II

  1. Erik says:

    I still don’t think anything is going to happen until the summer. But Ferry apparently is going to work this deadline every which way he can. Hopefully he finds some daylight.

    If the Cavs trade for Michael Redd, I’d bet the house they have to take on Dan Gadzuric’s contract (more than $5 million this year and another three years after this).

    I’d love to see Ferry get Redd and Charlie Villanueva. Acquiring Villanueva would give the Cavs some much-needed frontcourt depth and open the door to possibly trade Gooden this summer.

    If Ferry can put together a package to acquire Redd, Villanueva and Gadzuric but 3 p.m. today, I’ll be having a Friday night party on Thursday night.

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