Guess who I’m leaning towards

With Larry Hughes gone and Sasha Pavlovic hurt, I’m not getting my “talented swing man with no basketball IQ” fix. I’m really jonesin’ for a behind-the back-dribble in traffic and I’m not sure how much longer I can go without at least a reckless charging foul. I gotta know, when will Sasha return?

Brian Windhorst, Saturday:

Some people have asked for injury updates. I talked to Zydrunas Ilgauskas today, he said he got a shot in his lower back, where he has an enflamed disc. He couldn’t get out of his car a week ago. He is doing better, but will probably out a week more at least. Daniel Gibson said he could probably do some stand-still shooting but is nowhere close to being back. Sasha Pavlovic is starting to do some running but is weeks, not days, away.

Branson Wright, today:

Pavlovic also reported feeling pretty good Sunday after engaging in his first full-contact practice since sustaining that midfoot sprain Jan. 23. If he continues to progress, Pavlovic said he expects to return to game action by the end of this week.

Well, that settles that.

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