I didn’t see any of the Cavs-Blazers game last night, as I was out seeing a movie (Semi-Pro– I liked it, though that was a given. I mean, I’m pretty sure that I’m the exact target audience. The basketball scenes were pretty funny and surprisingly not-terrible).

However, I’m now ready to give my endorsement to Bill Simmons in his quest to become GM of the Bucks:

Anyway, I’ve written this a million times, but few things drive me crazier than a team refusing to make the best trade possible simply because they’d be sending their star to a rival team. Who cares? Hey, Philly fans, you realize your team could have ended up with Al Jefferson, Rajon Rondo and Boston’s 2007 No. 1 pick for Allen Iverson, right? So stupid. (Note: When I’m running the Bucks starting this summer, I’ll be making the best deal possible at all times, even if it means I’m sending Michael Redd to Cleveland to dump the Gadzuric/Simmons/Bell contracts for expiring contracts. You have my word on that, people of Milwaukee! I will never be afraid to deal our best player to a rival. Ever. And by the way, YES WE CAN!)

I’m down (imagine a crunch time lineup of Gibson, Redd, James, Smith and Z. How do you guard LeBron at that point? Everyone on the floor can shoot and shoot well).

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3 Responses to Portland

  1. Erik says:

    So let me get this straight:

    Sports Guy wants to trade Michael Redd (3 more years + $14.5 million) to Cleveland AND force the Cavs to take on the contracts of Charlie Bell (3 years + $3 million), Dan Gadzuric (3 years + $5.7 million) and Bobby Simmons (2 years + $9.2 million) in the process?

    That’s more than $32 million in contracts, and the first one couldn’t even be traded until the summer of ’09. The Cavs would be stapled to Redd, Gadzuric and Bell for two seasons, right up until the end of LeBron’s opt-out year.

    If Bill Simmons were running a political campaign, it would sound something like “I pledge to dump all our nuclear waste on Canada, or some other, lesser country. But we’ll tell them it’s glow in the dark dessert topping. They won’t know the difference.”

    I do believe the Cavs will be forced to take another bad contract off Milwaukee’s hands if they want to trade for Redd. I guess I’d take Bobby Simmons because he’s at least a pretty good perimeter defender and decent outside shooter — though not this year. Plus Simmons will reach expiring contract status in the summer of ’09.

    But if Chuckles Simmons or any other would-be Milwaukee GM wants to attach an $18 million rider to a Michael Redd deal, I think I’ll cast my vote elsewhere.

  2. The Other Ben says:

    Benny, I understand your love for Michael Redd on the cavs and also hope it will happen, but I seriously think once we get healthy this team is going to be dangerous come playoff time. All the great teams of the past 5 years+ (detroit and SA) along with Boston, are getting old.

    Strange as it seems, this team on paper is worse staticstally than last year but I feel we are MUCH better with the 4 new guys. For the 1st team, we dont have 2 guys who were completely hit or miss every night out (gooden/hughes). Id rather have guys like Smith (14/8 a night consistanly), West (simply runs the point/break better and more efficient than Hughes), Wally (streaky shooter, but 14% better than Hughes, that is huge) and Wallace(what he doesnt bring to the table in goodens scoring he more than makes up on defense and on the boards).
    Ill put $50 up now that we return to the finals and go at least 5 games deep. My only uncertainty now is A) Whether Z, Sasha, Boobie get back to full health. Sasha can be a liability, but if hes not starting, hes instant offense off the bench and B) how tired we will be after 3 playoff series. As of right now, our 1st round matchup would be with Toronto which I have no problem with. But going through them, Boston, and Detroit if those teams all win….yikes..thats a ton of work. Good thing is, if we do make it all the way, the teams out west are ALL going to be in long series.

  3. Ben says:

    Erik –

    See, I took him to mean Redd + Bell OR Gadzuric OR Simmons (not all 3).

    I’d prefer Simmons, as I think he’d be a good back up to LeBron and he’d fit in on a playoff team.

    Ben –

    I think the Cavs need Redd (or a player of his caliber) if they’re going to win the title. I think the team is better than they were last year, but I’m not sure how much will ctually translate to wins and losses. My concern is that too many guys are missing too much time. When coupled with 4 new rotation players, I worry about their cohesiveness and their execution in crunch time.

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