And so it begins

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4 Responses to And so it begins

  1. The Other Ben says:

    Best. Closers. Box Score. Ever.

  2. adam brown says:

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  3. Todd says:

    Aw, come on now, he’s just trying to keep it interesting. Bottom line, he gets it done more than he doesn’t. Something like 45 saves doesn’t come from mediocrity. But it’s always the 4-5 blown saves that stick out.

  4. Ben says:

    I don’t hate that much on Borowoski and he does get the job done, but the guy isn’t an elite closer (though I’m not entirely convinced that you need one).

    It’s not even that the 4-5 blown saves are what sticks out. It’s the ‘3 run lead to 1 run lead’ saves that stay with me.

    Somehow Borowski being a year older doesn’t comfort me. You can only walk that edge for so long.

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