Playing with Fire

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3 Responses to Playing with Fire

  1. Erik says:

    JoeBo had better not blow another save again for three months. The ONLY thing that qualifies him as a closer is that he somehow, some way, nails down saves.

    He doesn’t have a closer’s fastball, he doesn’t have a closer’s out pitch, he doesn’t have closer’s stuff, period. But somehow he ducked and dodged his way to 45 saves a year ago, and that’s the only reason he’s back this year.

    If the saves start to dry up, there is no reason to believe he’s going to find his mojo again. Not at 34 with a bad shoulder.

    Of course, you won’t be able to tell Wedge that. He’ll keep giving JoeBo chances clear into July because he’s a “grinder” who goes out there and leaves it all on the field every time, gives 110 percent, platitudes, cliches, etc.

  2. Ben says:

    you’re not saying that Wedge will keep him in for too long, would you? that he’ll be 100000% sure that JoBo is toast before he makes a switch? Noooo…

    I hope the Indians have a solid Plan B lined up (at least internally, if not publically). Lord help me if they’ve put all their eggs in the Borowoski basket.

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