Nothing says “we’re ready for the playoffs” like a 15 point effort in the final quarter of the regular season.

I literally just finished writing a paper and I checked for an update… Needless to say, I don’t particularly feel like going back and watching this thing. Two months ago I was really looking forward to these playoffs… and don’t get me wrong, but I’m still interested as an NBA fan, but not as a Cavalier fan. I have next to no confidence in this group (sad to say, LeBron included- he’s had a TON of unforced turnovers lately).

But hey, at least James got the scoring title, right?

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3 Responses to Fantastic

  1. Zamboni says:

    They had their spot locked up. Why put forth an effort? I’m not too concerned about it. Not happy, but not concerned, either.

  2. Erik says:

    Game 82 was yet another example of the Cavs sputtering out in the fourth quarter.

    I just have this nasty feeling that this fourth-quarter malaise is going to continue into the playoffs, in which case, you can put those Celtics-Wizards second round tickets up on eBay right now.

    Of course, Arenas and Butler haven’t exactly been injury-free themselves, so maybe it’s going to come down to who sucks less in the fourth quarter. In that case, this will be the ugliest playoff series the NBA has seen since the Heat and Knicks were (literally) slugging it out in the ’90s.

    Whoever wins, it won’t be pretty. But in order for the Cavs to have a shot in this series, they HAVE to take the first two at home IMO. If the Wiz steal one of the first two at The Q with three of the next four in Washington, I can’t say I like the Cavs’ chances.

  3. davemanddd says:

    now we know what indy fans felt like on the last day of the nfl season when they rested peyton manning and all their other regulars and played the likes of jim sorgi instead. whoopee!!!

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