Game 3

Travel day today, I’ll have something up on Monday.

DeShawn Stevenson is still a douchebag

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4 Responses to Game 3

  1. graham says:

    Stevenson is far worse than a douchebag. He’s an embarassment to the NBA.

  2. Erik says:

    Not if you read Tom Knott of the Washington Times. Knott says LeBron is the elbow-jabbing, momma-dissing, ref-whining embarrassment to the NBA, which I guess makes Stevenson one of the few virtuous do-gooders who will stand up to LeBron.

  3. geoffrey says:

    Larry hughes does not make that shot

  4. Ben says:

    Kobe Bryant doesn’t make that pass.

    Larry Hughes doesn’t make that shot (Larry Hughes isn’t even on the court).

    Tom Knott is an asshole.

    DeShawn Stevenson is still a douchebag.

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