This and That

Great news everyone! Look at this from Denver:

Convinced they must make a significant change to compete for a championship, it’s no secret the Nuggets will actively pursue trade options. What’s more significant, according to a source familiar with the team, is nobody on the Denver roster has been deemed absolutely untouchable.


While the Nuggets have given no indication they will actively shop Anthony, the constant drama in the life of their 23-year-old forward has become the source of enough frustration within team headquarters that Denver would be willing to listen if somebody made a trade offer too good to refuse for Melo.

Me gusta.

Meanwhile, the Indians… only a Cleveland team can see their starters pitch 18 innings of shutout ball and manage to split the double-header. Well played. Meanwhile, Paul Byrd and the defense got yet another 9 innings of 0 run ball.

All things considered, they’re in a decent spot as we reach the quarter mark of the baseball season and you’d have to think that the bats will wake up at some point (though, as other owners in my fantasy league can attest, I don’t really pay attention to baseball until the NBA playoffs are over).

Also, I’d like someone to give Hafner his roids back. And I’d like them to put in an offer for Ken Griffey Jr.

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