Trade Rumor Watch Part II

From Newsday:

There was no frozen envelope, no conspiracy. But now, after the Knicks wound up with the sixth pick from the NBA draft lottery Tuesday night, there are many options for Donnie Walsh in what he calls the “second stage” of the Knicks’ rebuilding process.

“Now,” Walsh said, “our work starts.”

It starts with shopping the pick with the intention of packaging it with one of those hefty contracts on the team’s bloated payroll in an effort to get some desperately needed salary-cap relief, which, for Walsh, is always Job 1. “I think we’ll look at everything,” Walsh said.

Zach Randolph is the most likely candidate to join the sixth overall pick on the trading block, but there is also a chance the Knicks might be convinced to use the pick.

I’m generally not a fan in trading with either New York or New Jersey, but the chance to grab the #6 overall pick would be mighty tempting. If I’m the Cavs I’m only making a deal like this on draft, with my eye being firmly planted on OJ Mayo. Sure, helping the Knicks is like playing with fire, but pairing Mayo and LeBron… it might just be worth it. Randolph is no slouch either and I’m sure Mike Brown could get him to play defense. Plus, if he’s on a team with James (and a legit shot at a title), there’s a chance that he shapes up and gets in line.

Again, not saying that this is my ideal situation, but adding young talent (as opposed to aging talent) around James would be nice.

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