So is Kobe still considered better than LeBron?

Cause I have a feeling that if LeBron had A) Pau Gasol B) Lamar Odom C) veteran PG Derek Fisher and D) Phil freaking Jackson that the Cavs probably take Boston.

Hell, you could argue that they should’ve beaten the Celtics anyway. But if James is surrounded by the type of talent that the “Best Player in the NBA” has, I’m pretty sure they go more than six games. At least when the Cavs got a big lead at home they didn’t blow it.

(also, the Cavs are close. Really close. They need a piece or two and they’re champions. With LeBron and the stellar team defense, all the Cavs need is someone who can put up 15-20 points on a night-in, night-out basis and they’re unbeatable).

Congrats to the Celtics by the way. I did not believe in them the entire season and I really thought that the Cavs would knock ’em out. I also thought that the Lakers would win the series, but I underestimated the crappiness of the Laker defense. Ray Allen should not be getting to the hole. Ever.

The one bright spot here is that this was probably Boston’s best chance at a title. They’re an aging team and their window will only be open for another season or two. If the Cavs can add that number two guy (be it Michael Redd, Elton Brand or whoever) then I think they’ll be playing into mid-June for quite awhile.

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