Pack Your Bags Andy

Cavs select J.J. Hickson at 19.

From ESPN:

Positives: Athletic big man with an NBA body. Explosive leaper. Physical.
Good finisher around the basket. Does most of his damage inside the key. Can hit the midrange jumper. Can put the ball on the floor and create his own shot. Excellent rebounder. Good shot-blocker.

Negatives: Still lacks some basketball IQ. Post moves are raw. Not especially quick.

Summary: A rising young player who has had a stellar freshman season for NC State. Teams love his body and athleticism. One of this year’s draft sleepers. A mid-first-round pick if he stays in the draft. A potential lottery pick in 2009.

Kinda a project, but I can definitely see him getting some playing time as the 4th PF, especially if he works hard. I like the fact that they got a big with some athleticism, I just hope his size doesn’t hurt him too much. I’m not sure he’s a guy you’d want starting on a Finals team (6-9 PF?), but if he can get a handle on some of his post moves, he could end up being a valuable role player off the bench).

I think this definitely clears way for Anderson Varejao and the Cavaliers to part ways. Hope Andy likes bratwurst (think Michael Redd might be available?)…

(also, John Hollinger is a douche: Jefferson-for-Yi Deal all about LeBron and Nets. I love some of the comments:

ridethetsunami (3 hours ago)
Notice no one ever says: Clearing Cap space for Wade – or Clearing Cap Space for Carmelo, of Clearing Cap Space for Bosh.

only LeBron could possibly want to leave – even though the Cavs went farther the last 2 years than ANY of those other players…


johndogg31 (3 hours ago)
LeBron can’t play for the Nets wearing a Knicks uniform.
Seriously ESPN, is he a sure thing for the Knicks or for the Nets? Which one?)

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