James Posey

This is at least something:

Free agent forward James Posey of Twinsburg is likely to sign a multi-year deal in “a day or two,” agent Mark Bartelstein said Wednesday evening.

Asked if the Cavaliers were still in the mix, Bartelstein said, “We’re still talking.” Posey, who played a key role in the Boston Celtics’ 2008 NBA championship run, remains the most attractive unrestricted free agent on the market, after Elton Brand and Corey Maggette agreed to terms with Philadelphia and Golden State, respectively.

With his strong defensive abilities and 3-point shooting, he’d be an interesting addition to the Cavs’ lineup, even if he’s not the perimeter scorer or low-post resence many thought the team was looking to add.

Posey, 31, is believed to be seeking the mid-level exception, which will be $5.585 million for the upcoming season. In addition to the Cavs, his suitors are believed to include the Celtics, Lakers, New Orleans, Washington and Houston — at least. Posey lives in Texas in the off-season. The San Antonio Spurs, who had been interested in aggette, are another possibility.

I like James Posey quite a bit and I think he’d really give the Cavs a solid veteran presence off the bench (in addition to his actual basketball skills) but I’m wary of over paying another role player.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s produced for championship teams in the past and he’s a local kid, but he is 31 years old and he’s won championships… so he might be looking to get paid. I don’t think anyone is going to offer him a ton of money per year, but if it might take a 4-5 year deal to sign him… and I’m not sure if I want the Cavs to be paying a 36 year old James Posey $6-7 million (3 years with a club option for the 4th would be ideal).

Of course, his resume has some pretty good recommendations:

The Globe adds this from the Heat’s Dwayne Wade, Posey’s former teammate.”I don’t think Boston is letting Posey go,” Wade said recently. “I was looking at Posey the whole playoff series and thinking, ‘Man, he was good for us.’ It’s indescribable what he does. He’s one of those guys that won’t get the national attention, but he will get the locker room respect. That’s probably more important, when you get the locker room respect. I miss him and miss what he does on the court, for sure. I’ll be surprised [if he leaves Boston].”

Signing Posey won’t propel the Cavs to the Finals, but it is a step in the right direction (provided they make another trade or four).

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