Really? A four game win streak?

Can we fire Eric Wedge yet? It seems that every time that the Indians face some pressure or have expectations placed upon them, they fold. The make or break road trip? EPIC FAIL. Season is done, facing the first place Rays? Four game sweep. Thanks guys.

This has happened before… start of the 2006 season… the 2007 playoffs… this season…. there’s a distinct pattern emerging. At what point does Wedge take the fall for this? I mean, I know you can’t blame him for the entire team slumping or the bizarre faith in Joe Borowoski (and the lack of backup plan) but some of this has to go on him, no? When Wedge’s teams can fly under the radar, they play well. But when we actually expect them perform? Notsomuch.

Anyways, let’s hope Grady doesn’t screw up his swing tonight.

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