Not a terrible way to start

Not that it means a whole lot, but J.J. Hickson kicked some ass in his Summer League debut:

Cavaliers first-round pick J.J. Hickson had 26 points and nine rebounds, but a balanced attack led the New York Knicks to a 97-94 summer-league victory Monday in Las Vegas.

Hickson, a 6-9 power forward from North Carolina State who was playing at center, was 11-of-15 from the floor.

Not that this matters in the grand scheme of things, but it’s always nice to see the rookie putting up some points (from the paint no less). The farther away we get from the draft, the more comfortable I feel with Hickson’s selection.

In other news, Tractor Traylor played and scored 8 points for the Cavaliers. I always liked Robert (I thought his passing was way underrated) and if he and Hickson could provide some depth off the bench, it’ll make the inevitable loss of Anderson Varejao much more palpable.

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4 Responses to Not a terrible way to start

  1. The Other Ben says:

    Benny, couldnt agree more. I wont put much stock in that one game, but it shows he can definately play. In the next year or 2, I really think this trade will look like a steal. Not on the level of Boozer, but definitely on value/talent for a 19th pick. As for Traylor, never bad to have another body to put in the post. I cant make any prediction on the Cavs yet until they start making moves in the FA market. In other news, the Blue Jackets (that NHL team in Columbus) should be fun to watch this year, especially compared to teams we have had since their inception 7 years ago.

  2. Anonymous says:

    YES! More Tractor Traylor! More cheesy MacDonald commercials of him trying to eat double quarterpounders!

  3. The Other Ben says:

    How about quadruple doublepounders?

  4. Ben says:

    from mistake by the lake’s best cleveland sports commercials:”Drew Gooden and Tractor “Robert” Traylor for McDonald’s. Drew is sitting on top of the backboard and Traylor desperately wants to eat him. What is never explained, though, is (1) how Gooden came to be sitting on top of the backboard, and (2) why Traylor doesn’t simply eat the basket first and then eat Gooden. Little known trivia: Tractor was paid in hamburgers.”

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