But for how much?

Future ESPN rumor: Daniel Gibson will demand to be traded to the Nets in 2011.

LeBron’s little brother just inked a 5 year deal (3 years past 2010) with the Cavaliers. This is good news for multiple reasons, A) Gibson is one of the only non-LeBron Cavaliers that has major cojones and moxie B) it happened early in the offseason, so Gibson will be in training camp and C) he’s tight with James (which never hurts).

Now all I want to know is how much of Gilbert’s money Danny Ferry just spent. Was it the MLE? Was it simply Bird Rights and they went (more) over the cap? Do they have stuff left over to go after Josh Childress or C.J. Miles? Can they still take a flier on Shaun Livingston (which I really really really really really want to happen)?

Details please.

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