I Hate You

At this point, they’re simply taunting us:

“Speed and quickness are our best assets, and it’ll be a question of can we do our best things better than they can do theirs? That’ll be the story of all our games,” said coach Mike Krzyzewski, who sat alongside James at the post-game news conference. (We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that James wore a red-brimmed New York Yankees hat to the press conference, placing it on the table in front of him before the questions began. “I got it in New York City,” he told ESPN.com.)


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4 Responses to I Hate You

  1. Erik says:

    “Later, a source within USA Basketball confirmed that LeBron, battling summer allergies, blew his nose on Kleenex brand facial tissue, which we are told is, in fact, sold in various locations throughout New York City. Jay-Z was unavailable for comment.”

  2. graham says:

    Ben, you have to just ignore it now. There is no evidence other than pure speculation by these lame national writers. It’s not even worth getting worked up over – even though its easy to do.

  3. Ben says:

    hey- i’ve been good. i ignored the whole “favorite city” list and all that shit. for the most part, i try to ignore it.

    the only reason i pointed this out is the “we’d be remiss” section.

  4. The Mummer says:

    Wait, I thought it was a done deal that Lebron was signing with a Euro team?
    I think it’s obvious ESPN wants him anywhere but Cleveland. If he came right out and said this is where he’s gonna stay, the only thing they would have to talk about is Brett Favre. Lebron needs to end all this speculation. I want more Favre on Sportscenter.

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