What’s next?


The rumor mill has been churning after the Williams deal. The Cavs could be talking to the Knicks about a big man.

Veteran shooting guard Michael Finley re-signed with San Antonio, but the Cavs wanted to add him to their crowded backcourt.

A source said the Cavs could have gotten forward/center Dan Gadzuric from the Bucks in the Williams deal, but declined.

The Knicks…. Randolph? Curry? I wouldn’t think so…. David Lee? Mayhaps…

I really don’t think the Cavs are done. I’m guess there will at least be one more minor deal before training camp officially starts up.

And I fully expect them to make a move the deadline.

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2 Responses to What’s next?

  1. Erik says:

    The Cavs didn’t want to take on Dan Gadzuric’s contract along with Mo Williams? Gilbert should check Ferry’s top desk drawer for ‘shrooms if he ever did something like that.

    The Cavs want Lee from the Knicks. He’s probably the only big worth getting off that train wreck of a roster. But if they want him, they’d better be prepared to take Fat Eddy Curry or Crazy Zach with him.

  2. Ben says:

    I’m warming up to the idea of Eddy Curry… for all his trouble, he a) can score in the low post and b) has never been on an actual good team.

    I’m still wary of him, but have him back-up and split time with Z this year and let him take over for Ilgauskas sometime next season.

    I know he doesn’t rebound or block shots (though I’m not really concerned for the latter) but part of me wonders how playing on a team with an alpha dog, playoff expectations and a coach with a contract would affect him.

    (with the addition of Williams, I think they’re next big addition will be someone who can score in the post. another scoring wing player could be an issue)

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