My question is: Where’s the "LeBron to Mavericks" rumors?

I don’t care who he roots for. He’s been consistent throughout his entire life, Bulls, Cowboys and Yankees (ya, like 90% of the kids I went to school with, he’s a frontrunner, so what?):

LeBron James may raise the ire of local fans by wearing a New York Yankees cap or cheering for the Dallas Cowboys, but another of the city’s biggest sports stars isn’t bothered by the NBA icon’s out-of-town loyalties.

As far as Browns wide receiver Braylon Edwards is concerned, James can root, root, root for any team he wishes.

“I give him credit for being loyal,” Edwards said Tuesday.

On Sunday, James, who last season showed up at an Indians playoff game against New York sporting a Yankees cap, was on Dallas’ sideline during pregame warmups before the Browns’ season opener against the Cowboys. In full view of Browns players, James, again wearing the Yankees cap and a blue-and-silver T-shirt, chatted with Dallas owner Jerry Jones and hugged Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens and cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones.

James has pledged an allegiance to America’s Team since he was a kid.

If this shit bothers you, you’re an idiot. And guess what, he roots for the biggest Ohio team of all, the Buckeyes. He’s routinely spouting pro-OSU sentiments, so don’t worry about it.

Again, if LeBron ends up leaving, it will be because of basketball reasons and nothing more. If the Cavs put together a team capable of winning 55-60 games, he’s not going to bolt for a Nets team anchored by Yi Jilian.

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