This weekend

OSU-USC and Browns-Steelers.

I have no confidence in either game. I’m in Columbus as we speak and I am very worried about the condition that my liver will be in come Monday.

If Ohio State wants a shot tonight, they have to survive the first quarter (USC will be way pumped) and the defense has to live up to their “best in the country” persona.

As for the Browns… just don’t lose 41-0. Please.

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1 Response to This weekend

  1. Erik says:

    I would rather the Browns have lost 41-0. Then maybe we’d be on the fast track to a new head coach. Instead, the Browns played semi-competitive football and we are left with the ruse that the Browns are maybe just a tweak here and there from winning.

    Not a chance. This team can’t get out of its own way on game days. Nevermind the field goal to make it 10-6, the botched clock management at the end of the first half and DA’s two what-was-he-thinking interceptions. The root problem is that nobody on the Browns sideline steps up and takes charge.

    That’s how you get bad clock management, 10-second runoffs, needless timeouts, delay of game penalties and an overall feeling that the process of getting the play from Rob Chudzinski’s desk to DA’s headset is a Chinese fire drill. How many times has DA looked to the sideline with his arms up as if to say “Where’s the play?”

    Game management with Crennel and his staff is a severe weakness. Combined with DA’s tendency to make bad reads and force things, and it’s easy to see why the Browns have scored 16 points in two games.

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