Patrick McManamon (emphasis added):

It’s hard to remember a time when the Browns’ season seemed to hinge on such early games.

But at 0-2 with two road division games ahead, the Browns’ fate seems to rest on the first month of the season.

The remaining schedule is brutal.

Games against the Denver Broncos, Philadelphia Eagles and Buffalo Bills that might have seemed winnable prior to the season now seem very, very iffy.

But let’s be honest about today’s game: If the Browns are a good team, and if they are to be a good team, they should beat the Ravens.

The Ravens have a first-year coach, a rookie quarterback and an offense that scored on a wide-receiver reverse and Joe Flacco’s scramble.

It’s time for the Browns to quit whining about problems and start focusing on winning a stinking game.

It’s time for them to make a statement about what kind of team they are, and are going to be.

Does the season rest on this afternoon’s game? Well… kinda. Starting off 0-3 would not be a good thing. Both DA and Romeo need to have a mistake free ballgame. If we see more clock management mishaps and blown two-minute drills, this season could get really ugly, really quick.

They better beat the Ravens today, they should beat the Ravens today… but then again, they should’ve beaten Pittsburgh last week (hey Browns fans, if I told you the defense would hold the Steelers to 10 points, Shaun Rogers played out of his mind and the Browns were at home, how would you guess that game ended up?).

I know they have injuries (Steinbach is out, Edwards looks like he’s out) but even an injury depleted Browns team should be able to steal a game in Baltimore against a team with a rookie QB.

And yet, I have no confidence at all.

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