Time for Quinn?

Terry Pluto thinks so, the PD says Romeo is considering it and SI has a story

On one hand, I think it makes sense. DA hasn’t looked good, the team is in disarray and they could use some kind of shake up. However, it’s only Week 4 and I’m not sure you can bench DA after three weeks against three pretty good defenses (he hadn’t had reps for Week 1, the wind was nuts in Week 2 and Week 3 was the first time he didn’t have a legit excuse).

But at the same time, Anderson didn’t exactly finish strong last season. Could teams be picking up on his tendencies? I dunno.

One would think the most logical thing would be to have DA start this week, give him one more chance, and if he sucks, install Quinn as the starter during the Bye Week. But their first game after the Bye is against the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants on Monday Night. Do you really want Quinn’s first start to be against the champs, on MNF in front of a national audience? I’m not so sure.

Which is why it’s sort of making sense that they’re considering putting him in against Cinci. Let him get his feet wet against a bad team, then let him face the Champs…

[UPDATE] Maybe Romeo flipped another coin, cause he’s made a decision (and won’t give any reasons):

Crennel refused to give reasons for sticking with Anderson.
“I’m not getting into the what ifs, the whens, the wheres, how long or anything like that about this decision,” Crennel said. “The decision is made and that’s what it’s going to be.”

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