ESPN is gonna need a new narrative

From the Cavs media day:

”Go on the Internet and look at every time I have been asked am I happy in Cleveland and see my response,” James said to the large media gathering.

I’ve never given any indication that I was leaving or didn’t like being here. Every time I am asked the question — I love being here, I love playing in front of these fans, my family is here, I grew up 30 miles away — I never gave any indication that I did not like playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers.”

Then on to hot button part two, an issue that seems to be equally as debate-worthy in Northeast Ohio: James’ support of the New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys. James brought up this one on his own and he was equally serious in relating his feelings.

”Now, I’ll say I like the Yankees and the Cowboys, but that has nothing to do with the Cavaliers,” he said.

”It’s not fun [to be questioned about it]. Am I not allowed to be a fan? When I grew up watching sports, the Cowboys were a team to love; Michael Jordan was [a player] to love. If I say I like Michael Jordan, is that a problem because I didn’t say Mark Price?” James asked. ”Is that a problem? Is it? That is who I grew up watching. These are the teams and the people that inspired me. Now I broke it down for you all.”

Did PTI break this down? Was this quote on Truehoop? Sportscenter? I don’t seem to remember…. (this is why Dan Gilbert says the “LeBron to the Knicks” speculation is driven by bored sports writers and is an insult to Cleveland). Stuff like this is never prominently displayed or pushed by the world wide leader.

Also LeBron (who apparently is also a socialist) addressed an Obama rally in Cleveland and ended with this:

Thank you, Cleveland. Of course, you all know I love y’all, of course. I love Ohio and I ain’t goin nowhere. I’ll be here.

Look, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: LeBron James doesn’t need New York. He’s hosted SNL and the ESPYs, he’s got a ton of major endorsements, he hangs out with Warren Buffet and Jay-Z, he’s third guy ever to be on the cover of Vogue and he’s the 17th most powerful person in all of sports – all from Northeast Ohio. Moving to New York City makes him bigger… how exactly? What doors will NYC open for him? What can’t he do now that playing for Knicks/Nets will allow him to do?

Look, the only way this guy can get any bigger is if he starts winning championships.

And the Cavs give him the best shot at a ring.

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