Uh, what?

I mean…. what the…. ah… well… huh?

So what does this mean? Is this a good team? They just beat the champs, convincingly. I’m absolutely dumbfounded. Of all the scenarios I had pictured, “Browns win comfortably” wasn’t one that sprung to mind.

The offensive line… god damn. The secondary… hell, the entire offense stepped up: no punts, no turnovers and no sacks. What. The. Fuck.

There were still some issues though. It seemed like when the Giants wanted to, they could move the ball. Credit where credits due; the Browns made stops when they needed to. But I still feel concerned to a certain degree.

And coupled with the penalties, the Browns still have stuff to work on.

but… wow. Just, wow. Hats off to the both the offense and the defense. I was not expecting this.

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