Uh, what?

I mean…. what the…. ah… well… huh?

So what does this mean? Is this a good team? They just beat the champs, convincingly. I’m absolutely dumbfounded. Of all the scenarios I had pictured, “Browns win comfortably” wasn’t one that sprung to mind.

The offensive line… god damn. The secondary… hell, the entire offense stepped up: no punts, no turnovers and no sacks. What. The. Fuck.

There were still some issues though. It seemed like when the Giants wanted to, they could move the ball. Credit where credits due; the Browns made stops when they needed to. But I still feel concerned to a certain degree.

And coupled with the penalties, the Browns still have stuff to work on.

but… wow. Just, wow. Hats off to the both the offense and the defense. I was not expecting this.

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4 Responses to Uh, what?

  1. Erik says:

    Out of all the ways this game could have been dissected, I have one observation:

    When DA rolls right, good things happen. I don’t know why that is, other than it’s his throwing side, but if he gets out of the pocket and throws, it’s Big Play Central. The 70-yard bomb to Braylon and the TD to Braylon were both on rollouts.

    So to recap:

    Browns offense between the tackles = Sorta OK at times.

    Browns offense outside the tackles = pretty dang good.

    Open the field, Chud.

  2. graham says:

    Dumbfounded is right. Great to see they didn’t throw in the towel on the season. It’ll be interesting to see what happens over the next couple weeks.

    It’s really hard to say this is a turning point, but for a young team it could give them a lot of confidence, particularly DA (you could tell he was ecstatic to play that well).

    The Washington game is HUGE for this team.

    To Erik’s point though, it seemed like this was the first time the offense really attacked downfield, and I agree getting DA outside the tackles can help him quite a bit in that area. They weren’t opening up the field before this, which I never understood.

  3. LargeBill says:

    You were right to compliment the offensive line seeing as D.A. didn’t get touched. However, if D.A. didn’t keep bailing them out the O-line would have been the goat of the game with all the false start penalties. Something is wrong with signal calling that we had that many jump early.

  4. Ben says:

    This was a beatdown, to be sure, and the team (obviously) played its’ best game of the season.

    But by no means are the problems gone. Bill is right, the offense line had roughly 129 too many penalties.

    and while the defense came up with some key stops, two of those picks came after the Giants had marched down the field. I mean, during that last drive, who wasn’t worried about this scenario:

    Giants score TD
    Browns go 3 and out
    Giants score TD, win by 1

    Eric Wright’s INT put the game away and made my worries moot. But this team still has a rough schedule up ahead of itself and you can’t overcome all those penalties week in, week out.

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