This is stupid


The Browns suspended Kellen Winslow for one game.

They should go further and give him the release that he desires.

Winning isn’t worth what Winslow has put the Browns through the past couple of weeks.


The Browns are a 2-4 team with Winslow playing while worried about his contract.

What will they be with him playing while obsessed about getting out of Cleveland?

It’s too bad the option to keep him inactive the rest of the season — a la the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Keyshawn Johnson — is no longer there. (That move does not exist under the current NFL collective bargaining agreement.)

So release him.

Winslow can find out what he’s worth on the open market, and the Browns can move on.


Look, this whole thing stinks to high heaven. The Browns look like bumbling fools, Winslow looks like an asshole and the entire team is suffering from this. Nobody is blameless here.

Like a lot of people, I see this as the beginning of the end of Winslow’s tenure in Cleveland. I’m not thrilled about it, but I’m OK with it. I like the guy (and I hated him after the 2002 National Title game) and I think he works his ass off. He’s also one of the only guys on this team who shows up week-in, week-out and he has one of the best sets of hands in the NFL (and most certainly on the Browns).

Though I do think that Winslow is worth the trouble, I can see why getting rid of him would be desired. But if the Browns decide to part ways with K2, it is imperative that they receive draft picks in return. They’ve traded picks for Quinn, sat on potential picks by keeping Anderson (which is looking worse and worse with every passing game) and traded picks for Shaun Rogers and Corey Williams, in no way can they lose Winslow and not get anything in return.

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