MMQB Quote of the Week


“This is a man’s game. Some people need to check their egos at the door and find some heart and come out here and play hard.”– An angry Jamal Lewis, running back of the Browns, after Cleveland’s defense allowed a huge rally for the second time in four days to lose at home. In Week 9, Baltimore scored 24 points in the last 17 minutes to beat the Browns, 37-27. And last Thursday, Denver scored 21 points in the last 14 minutes to come back and win 34-30.

I don’t disagree, but I’m not sure he’s a guy who should be talking shit. You know, a guy who got stuffed numerous times and only averaged 3.2 yards over his 19 carries.

Though, to be fair, I’m not sure which Brown can really stand up and say he’s doing his job. I mean, no one on offense or defense certainly… Josh Cribbs? Phil Dawson? Who else is actually carrying their weight?

(‘sup Jess)

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4 Responses to MMQB Quote of the Week

  1. Erik says:

    Somebody needed to say something. And Lewis is one of the few vets who can open his mouth because he usually backs it up on the field.

    Romeo isn’t going to say anything. Quinn doesn’t have the pull to say anything. Braylon and K2 are punks. J.J. is out for the year. Who does that leave? Willie McGinest? Andra Davis? Hank Fraley?

    Maybe J-Lew didn’t set the world on fire Thursday, but he also didn’t self-destruct with the game on the line, and he surely didn’t quit. What truly makes it pathetic is that if he didn’t speak up, no one would have.

  2. The Other Ben says:

    I dont think J-Lew’s 3.2 is solely on his vision nor ability to put up bigger numbers. Teams were putting 8 guys in the box frequently while Derek was back there. Combine that with Chuds less than stellar play calling and the right side of our line being a mess and it makes sense he is not toting off 4+/per. The guy has every right to call people out because based on his play/on field attitude, hes one of the few who give a shit.

    Not only that, I think its safe to say that a player’s approach to the game reflects that of his coach, and to a small extent, an organization. If thats a fact, then Randy needs to absolutely clean house and get Crennelephants yes men the hell out of town (im looking at you McGinest). Not only that, but the legacies of Butch Davis including but not limited to Andra Davis and Nyquil Jackson.

  3. Ben says:

    Jackson is is Savage. He drafted him with Wimbley. Linebackers of The Future.

    My beef with Lewis was that he got stood up a couple times and had some less than stellar runs (plus, I’m getting really sick of this Jerome Harrison situation). I agree with the play calling though. and Lewis DOES have a superbowl ring to back it up (and a stint in jail- seriously, who’s crossing this guy).

    But the specials teams is the only unit that’s has pulled its own weight game in, game out. I saw today in the PD that Cribbs is agreeing with Jamal. So I defer to Josh (who Peter King called the best ST player in the NFL- and IMO it’s not even close).

  4. graham says:

    Gotta disagree with Erik on Winslow being a punk. He’s one of the only guys it seems who busts his ass every Sunday, especially when you consider what type of injuries he plays through.

    Yeah, he fumbled the ball and dropped that one in a key situation, but that stuff happens – and there is no way in hell the Browns are in that game without Winslow (he singlehandedly made Quinn look good). And he’s certainly not on the level of Edwards, who just plain didn’t show up this year.

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