This whole Chalupa mess

Brian Windhorst:

Before the game some reporters were making small talk in the locker room and LeBron said he was still a little upset about being booed the other night when he dribbled the shot clock out in the last few seconds when the Cavs had 99 points against the Bucks. 100 would’ve meant free Chalupas, which really seems to fire up the crowd no matter what else is going on. Truth is Mike Brown told LeBron to dribble it out. A couple years ago in the same spot — I think maybe against the Jazz, but I can’t be sure — Andy Varejao went down and got a cheap layup to get to 100 in the final seconds. Brown was not happy and slapped Andy across the wrist. Anyway, LeBron said “I can’t believe people who buy season tickets get worked up over a g– d— $1 (blank) taco.” LeBron, take a look around during timeouts and see how people go after those 25 cent mini basketballs. Oh and those vouchers for lottery tickets, I personally got clocked in the head by someone leaping for one in the season opener.

OK. Not a big deal. However, for some reason Jim Rome ran with this story for at least the first hour of his show today (I went to work, I dunno if he kept going at it or not).

Rome’s main point was that it’s not smart to boo a guy who just got 41 points in 43 minutes (he also thought James should man up a bit). But he had these people call up bitching that LeBron likes getting digs on Cleveland fans (OMG!!! Yankees hat!!!!), that he’s prepping reasons to bolt and blah blah blah. There was one guy who thought this was an affront to Clevelanders everywhere and James should leave.

Couple things:

A) No one was actually booing LeBron James. They were booing not getting a free taco. If Sasha Pavlovic was dribbling out the clock, they still would’ve booed.

B) They were sarcastic boos to begin with. I highly doubt anyone was actually angry.

C) If any Cleveland “fan” wants to kick LeBron out of town because he doesn’t like the Tribe or the Browns, they can go jump off the 480 bridge.

D) For some reason (hmmm), I really don’t like Cleveland fans. I really don’t. A lot of front running, no nothing loud mouths (I knew a lot of Bulls fans growing up who now love the Cavs). If you don’t like this city’s best shot at a championship because he doesn’t like the same baseball team as you, you’re an idiot.

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