Cavs- Knicks

I caught most of the game at the bar last night and I was going to write it up this morning. But then I didn’t really feel like rewatching a blowout (but paying attention to details!).

To make it up to everyone, I give you this fantastic commercial:

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2 Responses to Cavs- Knicks

  1. Mr. Senne says:

    Don’t skip this game because it’s a blowout – it was my favorite blowout of the year! Not only did they play great offense and break the century mark with ease, but they played hard defense all game and shut the undermanned Knicks down.

    It’s worth watching to see the Cleveland attitude and work ethic – everyone KNEW this would be a blowout. It had all the hallmarks: the Knicks, depleted opponents roster, home court advantage, etc.

    But even with all that the Cavs played like they wanted to win and like they didn’t realize it was over after the 16-0 run in the 2nd qtr. Watch them play near-flawless basketball and ignore the Knicks (except for the techs, that’s the only time the Knicks even mattered in this game).

  2. Ben says:

    Oh I watched the game (just while drinking at a bar). It was fantastic, I just didn’t want to re-watch it, if that makes sense.

    The Cavs are finally doing what we see good/great teams do: they take care of bad teams.

    In the past, the Cavs have played down to their opponents (Atlanta, Charlotte, etc) while being capable of beating the Bostons and Detroits of the league.

    Now they’re dominating inferior teams, which allows a) the Cavs to rest their starters and b) the rookies to play. To me, the best part of these recent blowouts is the fact that JJ Hickson is getting extended minutes of court time.

    (I should have something for the game tonight. The Cavs better not overlook Indiana, they’ve beaten both Boston and LA this year)

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