Good and Bad

Bad: I didn’t write up this weekend’s Cavs games. I was out on Friday night, so I missed some of the Denver game (and thus didn’t feel like writing a recap of a game I didn’t really see). And last night, well, I passed out way early due to the fact that I had been drinking all day at the Browns-Bengals game (or as I called it: fan appreciation day). Besides the weather and the terrible football, I had a blast at the Browns game. I was the guy starting the “let’s go cavs!” chants and holding the “It’s not your gold pants, it’s your stone hands” sign.

Good: I have a new podcast here. I can’t say anything about it’s quality, as I haven’t listened to it yet myself. But if it’s got what I think it’s got, it’s pretty awesome.

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2 Responses to Good and Bad

  1. bmoney says:

    Once I saw the weather forecast for Sunday I said to Katy “who in their right mind would want to go to the Browns game?” Now I know. Braylon should have bought the entire stadium beer, maybe that would make up for his 20 dropped passes.

  2. Ben says:

    Note: the tickets were free. And in the 16th row of the pound

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