Oh I’m sure

Yes please:

Thunder forward Joe Smith has been traded eight times in his career, including by the Cavs last summer, and No. 9 could be on the way. Monday the Thunder are expected to signed restricted free agent forward Nenad Krstic to a offer sheet. The New Jersey Nets will have a week to match, though many suspect they will not.

If Kristic joins the Thunder, league executives believe Oklahoma City will look to trade one or two of their excess big men. On the final year of his contract and an established veteran, Smith is a candidate.

The Cavs cannot trade for Smith under league rules. However, there is also a chance he could request a buyout and become a free agent. In that case, the Cavs may give him a look and the feeling could be mutual. Smith will be a free agent next summer as well.

“I would have interest in the Cavs, I’m not sure they would be interested in me,” Smith said. “They would be an option.”

He’s more than a basketball player, too. Last week, Smith debuted his first recording album, called “The Beginning.”

He could fill Z’s spot in the offense, while coming off the bench. Like that fit wouldn’t be perfect. I would like this to happen.

Also, Wally- pay attention.


This is completely unrelated… but I was looking for something else and I stumbled across this old column ripping on reality TV that I wrote for The Lantern. I enjoyed it more than I should have.

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