And I’d love to get a hold of Jessica Biel


It’s no secret that the Sacramento Kings are in love with Wally Szczerbiak’s ending contract. The Kings are officially rebuilding, and Szczerbiak’s ending deal is exactly the kind of thing the Kings would love to get a hold of. HOOPSWORLD has learned that the Kings would send Brad Miller and a player to the Kings if it would return Szczerbiak and JJ Hickson.

Hickson is a promising front court player who the Cavaliers were very high on after summer league, where he averaged 19.4 points and 7.8 rebounds per game. Of course, the margin of error for a young player on a championship-caliber team is very small, and JJ isn’t finding much of a place for himself in Mike Brown’s rotation. Perhaps the Cavs would be willing to let him go in favor of bringing in a front court player who’s ready to compete and put up nice numbers immediately.

There is no way in hell this is even remotely happening. I don’t even want to go into how stupid this is (so with LeBron a FA in 2010, the Cavs current big men would be Z, Ben Wallace and Brad Miller? The future is bright indeed!).

Interestingly, the next little nugget was this:

There has also been some interest shown between the Kings and the Toronto Raptors, with the Kings offering up John Salmons. As a free agent, however, Salmons made it clear he didn’t want to play in Canada and Bryan Colangelo has a policy that he won’t acquire players who don’t want to make Canada home.

Now, Salmons could be an interesting pickup for Danny Ferry and the Cavs, but not at the expense of Hickson. If they’d switch Hickson with Pavlovic and/or a draft pick AND threw in Salmons, maybe you’d get a deal done. Salmons 6-6, shoots 42% from beyond the arc, is pretty athletic and is averaging 19.9 ppg (up from 12.5 a year ago).

But if you think that the Cavs are trading Wally AND Hickson for just Brad Miller, please kindly pass whatever you’re smoking, because that’s some powerful stupid.

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2 Responses to And I’d love to get a hold of Jessica Biel

  1. Erik says:

    Just like how the LeBron to NYC buzz ramps up everytime the Cavs travel to within spitting distance of the Hudson, get ready for the stupid trade rumor buzz to pick up a head of steam as the deadline draws closer.

    Already, the Cavs have been connected to T-Mac, Shawn Marion and Brad Miller in the past two-plus weeks. I think a little birdie was chirping about Stephen Jackson as well.

    By Valentine’s Day, I’m sure the Wally rumors will have connected the Cavs to everyone from Rasheed Wallace to Dirk Nowitzki to Ben Gordon to Michael Redd (again) to Chris Bosh.

    If Dan Gilbert really wants to bitch about bored sportswriters, how about calling out the scribes who spend all day dreaming up trade scenarios? They think up the scenario, then look for “sources” who will tell them off the record “Yeah, I guess that could potentially happen, in a doesn’t-violate-the-laws-of-physics kind of way.” That way, the headline can read “Source: Cavs Could Go After Bosh!!!!!!!1111”

  2. Ben says:

    I’ll gladly take Stephen Jackson. Just plug him in at SG and let ’em go.

    Dirk is my dream scenario.

    T-Mac, Marion, Miller… that’s a trio of awful I want no part of.

    What a difference a year makes for Danny Ferry, huh? I’m sure he’s getting a ton of offers for Wally and he’s just sitting back, “nope, do better”

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