Just throwing it out there

So the Yankees have signed C.C., A.J. Burnett and Mark Teixeira for roughly 12 billion dollars. I don’t really care about how much they spent (and the Yanks actually cut payroll this offseason) but if the Yankees have a limit, they’re getting close to it.

Which brings me to Manny Ramirez. Manny can’t go back to the Red Sox, the Yankees may be done spending for now, the Angels have said no, the Mets don’t want him and if was going to be a Dodger, it probably would’ve happened by now.

So my questions is this: why shouldn’t the Tribe throw a lot of cash at him?

Even if they gave him $20 million a year for the next 3-4 years, would it really kill them that much?

First of all, imagine how much excitement the signing would generate and how that buzz could translate into ticket sales/merchandise etc. Bringing Manny back would be a PR bonanza (we’re playing to win now).

Secondly, the Tribe has needed a right handed power bat for years now and well, Manny fits that bill too. Plus, he’s playoff tested, comes through in the clutch and takes up a corner outfield spot (which has also been needed for awhile).

Finally, he’s familiar here. Ramirez actually liked Cleveland (what can I say, Manny is weird) and if no one else scoops him up, it’s possible he could be pursueded to come back to his first franchise, no?

Wouldn’t he be a good fit here? The fans know him, he’d be good PR, he’d be great baseball-wise and clubhouse-wise (winner, big game player, doesn’t feel the pressure).

Am I dreaming?

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