Cavs-Heat and various things

Again, apologies. Like I’ve been saying, I got family and friends in town (many of whom I haven’t seen in about a year) and they’ll come before a January game recap. Thems the breaks.

I haven’t watched one minute of the second Miami game and from what I saw during dinner, I’m not sure I want to. From simply checking out the box score, here’s what I’m deducing:

The Cavs were 11-30 from beyond the arc. 36% isn’t a terrible 3pt shooting percentage, but 30 attempts leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

On the flip side, Mario Chalmers was 6-7 from beyond the arc. Call me the next time that happens.

As far as the Cavs trade front goes, I’m now leaning towards Gerald Wallace over Mike Miller. Wallace could play a Pippen defensive role here, guarding everyone from PG to center. The Cavs are going to need some help guarding opposing point guards; if they want to get to the Finals, they’ll have to face the likes of Jameer Nelson, Jose Calderon, Andre Miller, Allen Iverson and Rajon Rondo. Williams is trying (and doing an OK job) but they’re gonna need some more help. Wallace could step out on a PG for stretches of time.

It’s a long season- if anyone thinks that either the Celtics, Cavs or Lakers are winning 70+ games (let alone Bill Simmons’s 75 win prediction for the Celts) they are delusional. The Cavs will win 60+ games, but they’re gonna lose every now and then. It’s OK.

In other news, the Tribe just acquired Mark DeRosa and I approve. Now, if you sign Manny, you can start printing playoff tickets.

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2 Responses to Cavs-Heat and various things

  1. Erik says:

    Wallace’s defensive versatility is a big reason why I’ve been a proponent of going after Marcus Camby.

    Granted, you probably wouldn’t want Camby and Wallace together on the floor for long stretches, but with Camby in the paint to clean up the mistakes and block shots, Wallace could become more of a freelancer on defense, venturing out on the wings and perimeter to pressure smaller players, clog passing lanes and force some turnovers.

    Imagine Wallace free to hound both KG and Pierce on an as-needed basis, with Camby staying home to plant Rondo on his ass when he decides to penetrate. I don’t know if Boston’s offense can be completely neutralized, but that would sure be a huge pipe wrench jammed in their machine.

  2. Ben says:

    I like Camby, but I wonder how much it would take to get him. Granted, it’s the Clippers, so Ferry may just have to give up a pick or something, but I’m really against trading losing Hickson in a 2 year rental.

    If they can use Snow’s contract as well as Wally’s, then the Cavs could be in a very good spot.

    But yes, Camby and/or Wallace would be ridiculous.

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