The world must’ve sucked ass in the 80s.

Lol wut? (via Truehoop):

Reporter: What was it like to start your coaching career 2-19?
George Karl: I had legendary columnists in Cleveland, Ohio saying they were idiots not to fire me. It was tough. Bill Livingston, one of the best writers in the world, had me fired one night. I’m very good friends with Bill now…at Richfield Coliseum we were 2-19 and we played in front of 3,000 people in a 21,000 seat building. It was cold and quiet.

Wha happen’d?

I’ve always figured that Livingston, like Abe Vigoda (who is still alive), has always been old and cranky. I was completely unaware that he was (is?) considered one of the best writers in the world by anyone other than Mrs. Livingston.

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