Well, that sucked

I’m not really sure what else I can say about that game.

I honestly thought that Ohio State was going to get their asses kicked so, on one hand, I feel like I can’t be too pissed off that they only lost by a field goal. But at the same time… you had it. It was right there.

Even though the defense blew that final touchdown catch (or the coaches blew it for them- Really? Texas needs a TD and you have nobody back deep?), I think if there’s any ‘blame’ for this loss, I put it directly on the Ohio State offense.

They needed to have better possessions in the third quarter. Period. The defense was tired, Texas was throwing all over them (though they still had their moments) and the Buckeye offense couldn’t get them off the field. Too many 3-and-outs and not enough sustained drives (the third quarter killed them).

As for Colt McCoy and the Texas Longhorns… meh. Don’t get me wrong, they are a great college football team and they had a great game last night. However, as dumb as this sounds, I’m not all that impressed with McCoy. Texas had a great game plan of throwing underneath and they executed it well. But it was mostly dink-and-dunk, no?

Terrell Pryor. Ya, he made some mistakes; he held onto the ball too long, he didn’t prepare enough for some throws and he got lucky with a couple of Longhorn drops. But overall, I think he’s done all you can ask of his as a freshman. He’s obviously improving with every game and if you don’t think he has a really bright future, you’re nuts.

More than anything, I really feel bad for the Buckeye seniors. They’ve now lost to huge games to Florida, LSU, USC and Texas. 1-3 in Bowl Games (all BCS I believe). They kept this game closer than I expected (Todd Boeckman? Wha?) and it sucks that they couldn’t pull this out. (But hey, they haven’t lost to Michigan, huh?)

And then there’s Jim Tressel. Some Ohio State fans have been getting greedy (or stupid) and are fed up with these bowl game losses (and USC). But as far as I’m concerned, The Vest should coach the Buckeyes as long as he wants to. Ohio State isn’t guaranteed spots in BCS games. Tressel has his flaws, like any coach, but I think he does an excellent job and I don’t think these losses should be held against him too much. He’s won a title and he’s giving them good chances to compete for one every year. Not much more you can ask.

Finally, there’s Beanie Wells. As a fitting end to his career at The Ohio State University, Wells played a great game but couldn’t finish it due to injury. I know he’s undecided on whether or not he declares for the NFL draft and I’ll be honest: if he returns to Ohio State, he’s a dumbass.

Don’t get me wrong, as a Buckeye fan, I’d love seeing Pryor: Year II paired up with Wells: Year IV. But a running back doesn’t have a long lifespan in the NFL and Beanie has proven just about all you can at the college level. He shouldn’t go another season getting hit unless he gets paid for the pleasure. Running backs can contribute in the rookie season, there’s no reason to waste another year of hits at the college level. Go pro Beanie (and if Rey Maualuga is off the board when the Browns pick, I wouldn’t mind watching you run down by the lake on Sundays).

All and all, I can’t really be pissed at the game. It sucks, don’t get me wrong. It sucks real bad. But they played a great game. Sure, they made mistakes, but after the first half, I was just pleased that the game was close (let alone Ohio State having a lead). In the end, even though they wound up snatching defeat from the jaws of victory (where were the safeties?!?!?), I think we can applaud the effort (and be glad they weren’t run off the field) and enthusiastically look ahead towards 2009.

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3 Responses to Well, that sucked

  1. Erik says:

    Not bad for a game no one really thought Ohio State had a chance to win.

    This was a transitional year for the Buckeyes, and the nature of their bowl loss reflected that. Too many inconsistencies.

    Pryor made what I thought was a pretty blatant freshman mistake by not fighting for the first down marker on his first-quarter scramble. That, combined with a penalty, turned 1st-and-10 into 3rd-and-7 and probably short-circuited a scoring drive. Those kinds of mistakes add up, and sure enough, OSU lost by three.

    Disappointing end, but better this happen in the Fiesta Bowl than in the BCS title game. I wouldn’t have burned my couch if they had won, and I’m not about to tip a car because they lost.

    If anything, I’m really intrigued about next season and what the sophomore version of Pryor will look like.

  2. LargeBill says:

    Announcers sucked and the officiating was awful. The second roughing the passer charge was bogus and changed things considerably.

    Pryor has some learning to do about being a QB. Currently his athleticism leads him to believe he can get out of any situation. Give him all the snaps in Spring practice and have a mentoring style QB coach to go over films with a critical eye and he’ll be one of the best in the country next year.

  3. Ben says:

    re: the roughing the passer… yes, that was a bullshit call, but i don’t know enough about college football’s rules to say if it’s wrong or not (if that makes sense). Because Gibson’s (i think) hand did hit McCoy’s helmet, even if it wasn’t hard.

    So if hitting the QB’s helmet = roughing, then it’s the right call. even if it’s really really really really weak. So the letter of the law was followed, if not the spirit (because really, that was a clean hit).

    But that penalty changed the entire game.

    Too bad too.

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