Season of Dreams

So not only have Browns fans suffered through one of the most disappointing, gut-wrenching, pathetic seasons in recent memory (which in itself is saying something, considering the last decade) but now we get to watch the Ravens and Steelers battle it out for the right to be the AFC representative in the Super Bowl. Awesome.

But hey, at least the future looks bright (and you bet your ass I’m gonna by one of those jerseys)

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8 Responses to Season of Dreams

  1. Erik says:

    Take it off, LeBron! Burn it! Putting on a Browns uniform automatically increases the probability of a ruptured knee ligament and post-operative staph infection by 800 percent!

    You do NOT want to confuse the masters of cruel fate into thinking that you really are a Cleveland Brown.

    You’ll excuse me while I vomit every time LeBron jumps for the rest of my life.

  2. graham says:

    Dear God, I never thought about that, Erik.

  3. Erik says:


    I seem to remember you writing a while ago that you wouldn’t mind taking a flier on Eddy Curry, just because he brings low-post scoring.

    From a basketball standpoint, that makes sense. But what are your thoughts now that Curry has apparently solicited his male chauffer for sex acts, and reportedly made his chauffer clean up the mess after he performed autoerotic acts on himself?

    Curry is a married father of three. He’s either a really confused closeted homosexual, or really messed up in the head. Either way, what he allegedly did to his chauffer amounts to sexual assault.

    Looks like Mike D’Antoni has another player he can banish for life. If I were Danny Ferry, I’d carry a crucifix and garlic, just in case I ever found myself in the same room with Curry or Stephon Marbury. Just in case either one of them said, “Mr Ferry, I would love to play for your team.” Back, foul demon!

  4. Ben says:

    Personally, I think, if anything, the Cavs need more sexually confused big men. This team is too nice and normal.

    They hang out together, they fight for each other; Curry would bring a much needed sense of danger, lazy and crazy that this team is sorely lacking.


    On a serious note, I think there’s a small pool of guys that the Cavs might consider trading for. This pool is (in no particular order):

    Vince Carter
    Gerald Wallace
    Rip Hamilton*
    Caron Bulter*
    John Salmons
    Mike Miller

    Unless a big man falls into their laps (Nazr Mohammed?) at the right price, I don’t see them messing with things. I’m still highly intrigued by the Vinsanity idea, I think a team like this would be the perfect fit for him.

    (*highly unlikely)

  5. Erik says:

    Ferry has a well-documented tent pole for John Salmons’ game. Because the Kings are having a garbage season and are probably looking to unload salary, that deal wouldn’t surprise me.

    Of course, the Kings might also try to tie Brad Miller to the deal, which would force the Cavs to take on more than $16 million annually, none of which would come off the books prior to 2010.

    For whatever it’s worth, Sasha/Wally for Salmons/Miller works in the ESPN trade machine.

  6. graham says:

    They must get another big, whether it be Miller, Camby, Joe Smith, or something like them. I know this has been heard over and over again, but Z and Ben are OLD, and if one of them goes down….Ben’s flu tonight could have us starting Lorenzen Wright, just to drive that point home.

    I’d go for the Salmons/MIller deal because it fills two needs. I’m starting to dislike the Gerald Wallace idea less and less, mainly because he can’t shoot, is injury prone, and there have long been rumblings of character issues around the league.

    Vince…I don’t know. He’s great but I can’t see how he would fit here. Not “can’t see” in the sense that it wouldn’t work, just in the sense that it’s hard to say. Vinsanity is a volume scorer and really needs the ball much of the time to be effective. How would that mesh with LeBron? Mo?

    Also not sure if you want to keep VC past 2010. Lots to think about for Danny Boy. I’m starting to just want Joe Smith and go into the playoffs how we are.

  7. Ben says:

    My dream scenario is either Stephen Jackson and Camby or Jackson and Joe Smith.

    With Golden State falling flat on their face (11-28 lots of fighting/complainig) Jackson could be dealt even though he just signed a big deal.

    Now, Jackson has had some issues in the past, but he's been a good solider in San Fran.

    From a basketball standpoint… my god. He can shoot, but doesn't need the ball. He can play some point forward (6 foot 8). He can defend. He's won a championship (in SA). He doesn't back down (I'll say). Oh, and he's played for Mike Brown before (Indy).

    He'd be a risk, sure (as is anyone who's contract goes past 2010). But he's a guy who's been a cog on a championship team, who can defend big 2s and doesn't need the ball all the time (plus, he can create if need be).

    Miller & Salmons… I'm not thrilled, but I can be talked into it. Both are servicable, but my feelings depend on what the Cavs give up. if they part with a first round pick (The Kings wanted Hickson… hahaha) i'd be pissed. But if they throw in a 2nd (or even Darnell Jackson *ugh*) to go along with Pavs/Wally then I say do it.

    But if they hold out for a 1st (or Hickson. HA!), I'd pass.

  8. graham says:

    I’d be open to Jackson. Mike Brown LOVES him, and apparently he’s well-liked in the locker room – just keep him away from the stands and strip clubs (probably would need Bron to sign off on it). though his numbers aren’t that great this year, for whatever reason – 39% from the field, 29% from the 3 pt. range.

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