Wow (this is gonna be short)

What a fun game. What a freaking great game. I only saw the second half, but just… wow. This is a game that great teams win. The whole team stepped up; Ben Wallace hit a huge jumper late, both Gibson and Williams nailed clutch 3s, Sasha Pavlovic made a key defensive stop and Tarence Kinsey had (by FAR) his best game as a Cavalier (scoring 11 points).

The game went back and forth for most of the second half and the; everytime the it looked like Cavs had the Golden State down, the Warriors had an answer. Stephen Jackson hit some clutch, clutch jumpers (I like this guy, a lot. He’s a little old, but he’s a gamer), Corey Maggette bulldozed his way to 23 points and Monta Ellis dropped 20 points in his season debute.

And then there’s LeBron. He hit the game winner as time expired, but he did so much more. The MVP was just 10-16 from the line, but he hit his final two, giving the Cavaliers a one-point lead. His stat sheet is simply ridiculous: 32 points, 9 boards, 8 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocks. He’s insane.

I’m having a hard time remembing a game this fun. The high score, the highlight plays, the whole team stepping up, back and forth during crunch time and a Cavalier game winner.

(and I almost forgot, Fred McCleod was hack-tastic tonight. Wow, man, this is getting a bit much. The thing is, Fred is a pretty good play-by-play guy; he can call the game, he knows his stuff and he’s quick. He’s talented. But man, get your head out of Dan Gilbert’s ass. Everytime a Warrior player made a move, McCleod always mentioned how he “got away with an off arm” or that it “looked like he traveled, but the refs didn’t call it”. No dude, sometimes they just make a move, they aren’t always getting away with taking an extra step. And on the other end… just damn. The Cavs can miss shots without there being some uncalled injustice. They aren’t actually getting screwed by the refs every time down. Just call the game and let Austin yell crazy shit. That’s all we need).

(On the flip side, Joe Tait was awesome. I’m kinda pissed I watched the second half on tivo, especially given the ending. I listened to Joe during the first half and he’s a god-damn delight. I need an MP3 of Joe’s fourth quarter. There’s no way that isn’t fantastic).

(Now excuse me, I have to go to bed. I have work in the morning.)

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