And thus ends the most painful football season in Cleveland Browns history: the expectations, the national games, the preseason problems, the dead start, the timeouts, the field goals, our hope returning after the Giants, injuries, K2 wanted to be traded, Braylon dropping balls, 6 weeks of no touchdowns, the Savage email, losing at home to the Bengals in 12 degrees, coaches fired, GM fired, Edwards crying about Michigan, Raven-Steelers AFC Championship and capped off by a Steelers come-from-behind Superbowl win (including two or three all-time SB plays). Wow.

Obviously, I was pulling for Arizona. Rooting for Pittsburgh… I’ve tried before (the Cowboys SB) and I just naturally gravitate to the opposing team (I do the same thing with Michigan, even when it’ll help OSU if they win, I still root for them to lose, preferably with injuries). I wouldn’t say I’m pissed they won, because I expected it. I’m just happy(?) that they at least had to earn it. This wasn’t a blowout where one team completely outclassed the other- this was a very good, very competitive ballgame (although, it was a little to similar to the OSU-Texas game for my liking).

Even though I hate the Steelers, I hafta be proud for the Ohio guys. The biggest plays the Steelers made were all by guys who went to college in Ohio. The MVP of the game? From Ohio State, where I got my undergrad (Santonio was AWESOME. Even his catch on the saftey was ridiculous). That 100 INT returned for a touchdown? That’s James Harrison, Kent State alum (where I got my Masters). And Big Ben? Miami (where I got hammered).

The Cardinals gave Pittsburgh an fight. They kept in it. The NFL has gotten really lucky, these last couple Super Bowls have been fantastic.

Other stuff:

The Transformers II commerical was a delight. Although this (fake) version is a bit awesomer (though I’m not sure it’s better than the Thundercats). I was also suprised how bad-ass the new Star Trek looks.

I still don’t get those Sobe commercials. Like, I was unware the first one was so loved that it warrented a sequel.

Speaking of fakes, this fake Bonnaroo lineup makes my dick hard (why yes, Rules of Attraction did come up in conversation last night, why do you ask?). You have no idea how happy I’d be if this was true. The official announcement comes tomorrow and I’m fairly certain Springsteen (along with Phish) will be there.

Nice game from Boobie yesterday. They’re gonna need him playing with confidence (and fire) if they want to win a title (especially if Wally is traded and not bought out). I feel like, at times, Boobie is a little too pleased with himself (or maybe he’s a little too comfortable). He’ll loose the ball or do something stupid but he’ll still have a big grin on his face. D up, knock down your shots and don’t try to do too much. He’s in the NBA because of his jumper, there isn’t anything wrong with being a standout shooter.

I still haven’t decided if I want the Cavs to trade for a big or a wing. On one hand, someone like Wallace or Stephen Jackson could take the defense to another level. But then again, if they could land Brand (I believe the reports that he’s available), they’d be in an amazing spot. I’d love to land Marcus Camby, but I don’t see how they get him.

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