Well, there goes THAT option

Well, now Ferry will actually have to make a trade to add some talent to the roster:

The New Orleans Hornets and Oklahoma City Thunder have completed a deal that sends center Tyson Chandler to the Thunder.

The Hornets received forwards Joe Smith and Chris Wilcox in exchange for their best interior defender.

The Hornets also received the draft rights to DeVon Hardin, who was selected No. 50 overall by the Thunder in the 2008 draft.

With Joe Smith being traded (to a good team) it’s a safe bet that he won’t be bought out this year. So Ferry can’t just wait for Smith as a Plan B if the trade front falls through.

Right now, I could see the Cavaliers going either way. I could see them making a late push for a trade (like trying to get a third team involved in the Amare deal) or I could see them standing pat (though I think that’s less likely now that Smith is probably gone).

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