Hey Joe

This Mo Williams trade looks better and better:

Joe Smith is about to bounce back to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The veteran forward, traded last summer by the Cavs in the deal that brought them All-Star guard Mo Williams, agreed to terms Tuesday night on a one-year contract with Cleveland, his agent told the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

“After careful consideration of his options, Joe has decided that the Cavs are the best fit,” agent Dan Fegan told the paper.

Smith can not officially sign with the Cavaliers until he clears waivers on Wednesday. But that’s the final procedural hurdle in a signing that has been expected since the 33-year-old Smith bought out his contract on Sunday with the Oklahoma City Thunder.


Smith will definitely help the Cavs in both the short term and long term. With Ben Wallace out, Smith should be able to give the Cavs some key minutes over the next month or so. Once Benny makes his triumphant return, Smith will be able to take a key role on the bench as the 4th big (sorry J.J.) for the playoff run.

There’s really not a anything about this that Cavs fans shouldn’t like. They get a veteran big, who’s played with the team, who’s used to both the system and the players. Plus, he’s filling a small need that got a bit larger with the injury to Ben’s leg.

Is he the last piece to the championship puzzle? We’ll see, won’t we?

(Oh, and Boston, thanks for pursuing Mikki Moore so hard. Much appreciated).

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